Wagh Bakri Nilgiri Green Tea Silver Twirl Gift Pack 25 Gm

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Wagh Bakri Nilgiri Green Tea Silver Twirl Gift Pack 25 Gm
Green Twirl, as the name suggests is a green tea from the majestic Nilgiris. Its appearance is whole, with bright olive-green tender leaves and some with coppery hues. Long, wiry and stylish leaves interspersed with odd short bright green ones. It has a yellowish-orange liquor appearance and the aroma has a leafy, nutty, slightly caramelised undertone. The liquor is slightly brisk yet well balanced, feels ample in the mouth and has a distinct character to it. Tropical raw fruity notes, similar to the taste of melon rind start the cup and hum along throughout the length. It calms the body and mind to create a magical atmosphere of serenity. The mild green coloured liquor can be enhanced with honey and lemon. Ideal for anyone who likes a moderate strength with a depth of flavours. The liquor is rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation, improves heart and brain health. COMPLEMENTS: Can be cherished with light desserts, like vanilla cakes and scones, salads with creamy dressing, halloumi, and tropical fruits.
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